Everybody Lies as They Think of Heaven

by Dear Baby Deer



This is our first single for 2017.

The song is one of the longest tracks we have recorded so far. We put a lot of work into the vocal harmonies and the guitar textures, and as usual, our friends at Trixity productions helped us shaping the perfect spacey, reverberated sounds we strive for each time. The song is quite harmonious, atmospheric and meditative.

The cover image is, as in many other cases, made by G., and it's taken from a cemetery in Western London.

Stay tuned, as we have another two releases coming up, on March 20th and 30th!.

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Everybody lies as they think of heaven
They walk on by knowing that's no leaven at all

More rain through the night, coming under the weather
With no truce in sight, and no deal-breaker
Life kicks on you with no absolution
And faith is inclined to cloud conclusions

Everybody lies as they think of heaven
They walk on by knowing that's no leaven at all

Now you miss time killing time together
It's a sweet decline, 'cause you don't know better
There's a rain of guilt that flows throughout
This life you've built on your inside drought

Everybody lies as they think of heaven
They walk on by knowing that's no leaven at all

It's a gift in hindsight
Adrift at night time
I am awake
You blink, and it's gone


released March 10, 2017
Dear Baby Deer are:

G: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keys
Lilia: Vocals & the colorful stuff in the darkness of her recording room

Music and Lyrics: G.Spezza. All Rights Reserved
Arranged by Dear Baby Deer

Recorded at Trixity Studio, Winter 2016
Produced by Trixity (www.facebook.com/trixityprods)
Guest Vocals & fancy harmony coaching: LorElle (TwoFates)

Cover Image: something the UK does very well, photographed by G.Spezza. All Rights Reserved

Canucci & Biscottini are our reason to live; also:
ʇןɐɹǝƃ :ǝsnɐɔǝq soɐɥɔ uı ʞɹoʍ ǝʍ
ıɯǝ :ǝsnɐɔǝq sƃuıɥʇ xıɟ ǝʍ

Instagram: @dear.baby.deer
Twitter: @Dear_Baby_Deer

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Dear Baby Deer UK

Dear Baby Deer is an ambient pop duo. Their songs are the sound of your thoughts when you look at the clouds. Based in UK.

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